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About us

Automat improves people’s lives, and the environment, by creating novel chemistries that enable higher performance battery solutions.

Message from the CEO

Automat Solutions is a leading U.S. battery electrolyte company headquartered in the Bay Area. The company employs one-of-a-kind autonomous artificial intelligence (A.I.) and high throughput automated experimentation workflow. Electrolyte chemistries are discovered to continuously enable high-performance and high-energy-density lithium batteries for electric vehicles (E.V.s). In addition, the platform technology accelerates Time to Market (TTM).

The electrolyte plays a pivotal role in E.V. batteries with high energy density, fast charging, good safety, and low cost. In fact, in lithium-ion batteries (LIBs),  the electrolyte formulation's successful development facilitates their commercialization.

Here at Automat Solutions, as an example of high-energy lithium metal batteries, our proprietary liquid electrolytes achieved world-record lithium coulombic efficiency, which could be translated to a 70%+ increase in battery cycle life.

The domestic supply of competitive electrolytes is vital for the battery infrastructure and supply chain in the U.S. There are more than 10 paid customers. The product portfolio includes electrolytes for lithium metal, advanced lithium-ion, and solid-state batteries.

Service to customers is our value. Our capable team is ready to work with you and bring success in the battery market and beyond.



Automat envisions a more energy efficient world living in a healthier environment. 

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Automat Solutions was founded on a mission to accelerate materials innovation and

manufacturing to disrupt the lithium battery and advanced materials markets.



Automat’s core values are:




Service to Customers


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